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Online Quotes: Who We Are... got its start when we noticed the glaring lack of sites that allow consumers to shop for multiple quotes on a wide variety of financial services. We found a few sites that allowed consumers to shop for car insurance or mortgage loans, to name a few, but these sites constrained users to only one product or service. At this point, we saw an opportunity. To make comparison shopping easier for people in the market for online quotes, we decided to create a site that would allow visitors to get free quotes on everything from insurance policies to mortgage loans to credit cards.

Apart from providing quotes for these financial services, it became clear that consumers simply needed more information in order to make important buying decisions: whether about specific policy choices, or simply updates on related current events which may affect the timing of consumer financial decisions. At that point, we assembled a team of noted financial journalists and researchers committed to providing only the latest and most pertinent information. From online financial news to advice, at we want to make sure you have the tools necessary for making only the wisest choices. Thanks to you and all of our other visitors as we continue to grow and progress as a company.

Executive Editor & Online Marketer

Dana Thomas

Dana Thomas -- After graduating university with a B.A. in journalism and an MBA, Dana Thomas started off her career at a small Midwestern advertising agency working with automotive clients on their high-profile print ads. Since then, she has performed in a variety of marketing roles from online advertising to directing creative for a major financial marketing firm. With years of copywriting and editing experience, she's one fierce researcher determined to bring consumers in touch with the latest and most pertinent financial news for

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Sr. Staff Writer

Nicole Chaudhry

Nicole Chaudhry -- Originally from Santa Cruz, Nicole attended college in Nebraska. After earning a bachelor's degree for English Literature in 1999, Nicole married and moved back to the West Coast where she taught an English class and worked as a freelance writer until taking a position at Nicole enjoys reading and spending time with her two young daughters.

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Contributor & Web Development

Carlos Gutierrez

Carlos Gutierrez -- Carlos earned degrees in both Creative Writing and Philosophy from his home state of New Mexico in 1978. He has been a regular contributor to several financial news magazines while continuing to work on his collection of short stories. While his true passion is writing, he garnered significant web development experience while working at an internet startup in the late 1990s until the bursting of the technology bubble. Carlos enjoys utilizing both of his skill sets to contribute to the maintenance and growth of

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Dianne Strauss

Dianne Strauss -- Born and raised in the pacific northwest, Dianne grew up in the suburbs with two siblings and their golden retriever. Following in her father's footsteps, who worked at a private accounting firm, Dianne attended a west coast university where she received a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Dianne is married with three kids and continues to enjoy her chosen career path in finance.

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Jeremy Novacek

Jeremy "Boomer" Novacek -- Jeremy is an up-and-coming freelance journalist who is gaining an avid following of readers who admire his witty and insightful articles spanning a variety of topics. He graduated just 3 years ago with a degree in marketing and entrepreneurial studies. Financial news is his specialty, and he never fails to deliver the truly important stories that no one else is talking about - only found here at

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