Sunday 17th of January 2021

Autism Awareness, Diagnoses Growing - Fast

For the last several years, the general consensus in the medical community has been that autism occurs in every 1 out of 150 children. However, a very recent study shows that our estimates may be significantly lower than the real number. According to new data, the actual figure may be closer to 1 out of every 100 children. Obviously, there’s a shocking disparity in those figures and there’s still plenty of debate over what it all means. However, it’s abundantly clear that parents and doctors from around the world are taking this condition more seriously than in years past. Parents are no longer ignoring the warning signs and family doctors know what to look for. Here’s a look at how awareness and diagnoses are improving every day:

Improving Diagnoses

One of the most difficult aspects of autism is that there are no official medical tests for properly diagnosing it. There’s not even an agreed upon term for autism, such as a disorder, disease, or disability. Generally, the only way to actually diagnose the condition is through long-term observation by someone with knowledge of it. It’s not easily identifiable because many of its symptoms are associated with or exist in other types of disorders and disabilities. The conditions that are common in other types of disorders explain why so many children are diagnosed incorrectly. Making matters worse, there’s also an almost universal state of denial among parents of possible autistic children. Many are simply unwilling to accept that something could be wrong with their child and some are completely unaware that the disease even exists. If you think your child may have this condition, get online quotes for a family health insurance policy that can help cover future expenses.

Raising Awareness

Since the 1980’s, the amount of individuals being diagnosed has dramatically increased. While there are likely many more people with this condition now, the biggest cause for the increase is almost certainly due to better awareness and diagnoses. Getting the word out about autism is extremely important, as it can lead to more funding and better diagnoses. In turn, the more funding that is spent on research and the more children that are diagnosed, the more likely that scientists will uncover some of the mysteries still surrounding it, such as why it occurs or what types of treatment should be used. Better awareness could also lead to more affordable treatment that’s covered under more health insurance policies. Fortunately, you can get online quotes to find out if your next insurance plan provides the coverage your family needs. Organizations, like the Autism Society of America, have been doing their part to raise awareness by having April designated as National Autism Awareness Month. In December of 2007, April 2nd was also declared World Autism Awareness Day by the United Nations. With over 35 million people affected by the disabilities associated with autism worldwide, spreading it’s awareness should be on everyone’s minds.