Saturday 16th of January 2021

Is It Possible to File Judgment Against You?

Filing judgment; this small phrase just sounds like a nasty thing. If you do not know what this means then you need to educate yourself very quickly. This can be the result of a neglected advance. If you do not pay your loan back will it be possible for your lender to file judgment against you? How can you avoid this possible trouble?

Filing a Judgment

If you are like a good amount of people, then you may have filed for a loan that really does not work for you. It does not really help, and you cannot pay it back. This is situation you need to avoid, but it can be one that sneaks up on you. The key is that you never neglect to take care of a loan. You always need to help yourself, and just refusing to take care of a loan is the opposite of what you need. This will bring on consequences that can be very bad.

Your lender will expect payment right on the due date. If you do not pay then you can expect them to contact you via the phone, email, letter, or whatever other ways they can. They will ask you what went wrong and why you have not paid back. They will tell you that you need to take care of it right away. If you do not pay again then they can do a couple things. You can make you take out another advance in order to pay back the first. This will be with higher interest. The second thing they can do is pass on your loan to collections.

If you owe a large amount then the judgment could come. You may find that your lender files a lawsuit against you. You could end up being forced to pay back though your bank account, garnished wages or property liens. There are different laws in each state, so you need to pay attention to them. But know that this is a possibility.

How Can I Avoid This?

A judgment is something you need to do everything in your power to avoid. You need to get in contact with your lender when you see that you will not be able to pay back. This will help you and the company comes up with some sort of plan that is agreed upon. This will stop the fire before it begins to spread. Once you forget to reimburse them you will see that judgment can come quite fast. Most importantly, however, you must always pay back if you can. You never, ever, want to refuse to reimburse them. Nothing good can come of that.